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First Step Therapy 

Currently providing teletherapy services only

Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and taking the first step to therapy! I understand the first step to finding a therapist can be challenging and talking about  your mental health concerns can feel uncomfortable. I appreciate you putting your trust in me to support your mental health journey. Know that when we work together, you will be provided with respect, a nonjudgmental, safe, and comfortable space consistently. Please take the time to read more about "my approach" and "about me" to get to know me more! 


Specializing in Anxiety, Trauma, Depression, and Toxic Attachment 

Therapy Sessions
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Anxious thoughts can make us doubt ourselves, activate unrealistic fears, overanalyze situations, and excessively worry so much that we feel powerless, helpless and stuck! Feeling anxious can affect our ability to function, concentrate, feel calm, and live in isolation. 

If you can relate to any these symptoms, know that you are not alone. My goal in treatment working with you is to support you with the proper level of care adjusted to meet your personal needs. As well as finding the tools and proper treatment to overcome these symptoms. 

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Posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms develop when people experience or witnessed a traumatic event that threatened their life or safety (or of others around them).

Symptoms of PTSD can severely impact day to day life and can result as:  flashbacks, vivid nightmares, sleeping difficulties, avoidance of thoughts, feelings associated with the traumatic event among other symptoms.   


I have completed the certificate training as a Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) therapist and will provide you with an evidence-based treatment to support you on your mental health journey. We will be working at the speed that best works for you.  

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Depression may cause people to experience some of the following symptoms: constantly feel sad, tearful, unmotivated, finding it difficult to go to work and connecting with others, practice self criticism, or event just getting out of bed may feel a challenging thing to do. 


My goal as your therapist is to discuss with you evidence-based treatments that best fit your needs for treating symptoms of depression.   

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Toxic Attachment

Not everyone tends to associate their childhood with happy,  playfulness and fun memories. If you were exposed to trauma, neglect, abandonment, or any other emotional pain; this can lead to toxic relationship traits.  Could it be  possible that there is an "inner child" within you in need of protection  and which basic needs  were not met? Everyone has a story to tell, but your past story does not have to determine your present and future story.   

If you allow me, we can work together on identifying maladaptive patterns using a psychodynamic approach along with evidence-based treatment options that will allow you to heal and learn to let go of toxic traits!

My Approach


 I approach therapy from a compassionate, respectful and integrative perspective to combine different approaches to accommodate your treatment needs.  

I specialize in the treatment of Trauma, Anxiety, Depression and relationship issues. I am committed to meet my clients where they are at in their mental health journey, utilizing various modalities personalized just for you!


About me

Hi! My name is Laura Carrillo. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Arizona. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from ASU and earned my Master's in Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University. 

Know that whether you are considering therapy for the first time or have attended therapy in the past, I welcome you as you are. I look forward to working with you in building a nonjudgmental, safe, and respectful space where the only thing you have to focus on is your mental health journey. 

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Hi, thank you for your interest in working with me! I offer a free15-minute phone consultation to potential clients. This allows you to better understand the treatment options available to you, and ensure that I am a good fit for you. 
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Hola, gracias por tu interés en trabajar conmigo! Ofrezco una consulta telefónica gratuita de 15 minutos a clientes potenciales. Esto le permite comprender mejor las opciones de tratamiento disponibles para usted y asegurarse de que soy una buena opción para usted.


Your safety and your loved ones wellbeing is First Step Therapy LLC's priority. If you or your loved one is struggling please note that First Step Therapy LLC does not provide crisis care. If you are in a crisis please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at: 988 or visit your nearest hospital. 

Additional Resources:

  • Crisis Response Network-Arizona Statewide:1-844-534-HOPE
  • Call the Crisis Hotline 602-222-9444
  • Call the Warmline for non-crisis support - 602-347-1100 
  • Text HOME to 741741 to reach a Crisis Counselor
  • Connect with the Veterans Crisis Line - Call: 1-800-273-8255
  • The Trevor Project Suicide Hotline for LGBT Youth: 1-866-488-7386 or text TREVOR to 202-304-1200
  • Trans Lifeline (877) 565-8860
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline: (800) 799-7233
  • National Sexual Assault Hotline: (800) 656-4673
  • Reporting Child Abuse/Neglect: 1-888-767-2445
  • Substance Abuse/Mental Health Helpline: 1-800-622-4357
  • National Drug Helpline: 1-844-289-0879
  • Línea Nacional de Prevención del Suicidio: (888) 628-9454
  • Call BlackLine: 1 (800) 604-5841
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