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Individual  Teletherapy

You can do therapy wherever you have privacy, comfort and solid wifi!


First Step Therapy is here to support you adjusting to the rapidly changing digital revolution by providing  you with fully virtual and secured therapy services. Teletherapy (online-therapy) is used on a secured platform and as a licensed therapist in AZ, I am ethically and legally bound by privacy laws to ensure your privacy is protected. From the client's end, it is also important to ensure your session is in an equally private area to ensure your confidentiality.


Teletherapy benefits include:

  • Enables convenient and effortless accessible mental health care

  •  Supports client privacy and improves comfort

  •  Removes travel expenses

  • Accessible for college students (without having to leave campus )

  •  Provides scheduling flexibility to see your therapist from the comfort of your environment 


What would I need to begin online therapy? 

  • Live in the state of AZ (I am licensed to practice in this beautiful sunny state only)

  • Computer, phone, tablet and a strong internet connection

  • Privacy and a comfortable space (due to confidentiality and protecting your privacy, no one can be present while you are meeting with your therapist).

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